Top 5 Reasons Most People Quit Playing Golf

By John Cruz

Golf is no doubt one of – if not the – most challenging sports in the world, and there are many reasons why most people quit playing it.

Making a small ball in a hole sounds easy until you’re on a golf course.

You swing, miss, and take too many shots and instead of relaxing, you’re stressed.

It sucks when people leave the game, but it’s something that we hope never happens.

I have friends that have played for decades and continue to do it regularly, but I also have a few friends that quit.

They have their reasons, others have theirs, and I want to share some of them with you today.

People quit playing golf for several reasons and although we don’t like them, here they are.

1. Golf is Fricken Hard


You can learn how to play golf and it takes no time at all.

Learning how to get that perfect swing and lower your score is when things get really complicated.

You spend all day watching YouTube videos, hit the range, and everything seems to be perfect.

Then, you head to the course and you lay your worst round ever.

It’s like you never learned anything or something.

Hey, that’s life, especially as a golfer.

The problem is that not many are willing to stick it out.

They feel they will never improve and of course, they quit.

This is the biggest reason people quit playing golf and it’s one that I don’t agree with.

If this is the reason you quit playing golf, I have the solution for you below.

2. Golf is Too Expensive

As much as we can save some money on golf gear and balls, there will always be a cost to playing golf.

The thing about golf gear is that you don’t always have to spend on them.

Like me, I’ve had the same set of clubs that were given to me.

I’ve bought expensive sets of clubs but always seemed to go back to old reliable.

As far as clubs are concerned, there’s always an old set that someone is willing to share.

For balls, you can don’t always have to go for Pro V1s or any expensive golf balls.

Getting a pack of cheap golf balls will do you just fine or better yet, go ball hunting on your next round of golf.

Regardless of what we do to save more money, the fact that golf is not a cheap sport, the price to play is why most people quit playing golf.

3. No Improvement


Golf is not easy and everyone knows that.

That’s like everything in life, but we always find ways to improve.

What you should know is that 45% of golfers are shooting 100+ shots per 18 holes.

This means only 26% shoot below 90.

And, if you chop that down, even more, you will see that not many golfers are shooting below 80.

Remember that you might be trying to fix something that isn’t even broken, which of course, will result in some bad results.

Although most people quit playing golf because they don’t see any improvement, these stats should show you that there is always room for improvement.

Again, I have the fix for you below.

If, you are one of those who quit playing golf because you weren’t improving.

4. Golf Causes Too Many Problems

When I first started playing golf, I had complete tunnel vision.

I was so consumed by the sport, that I did things I should’ve never done.

I went to the course without talking to my other half, went to the range, and even practiced inside the house.

Things were a bit out of control and things weren’t looking so good for my family.

This happens to a lot of golfers and they don’t do anything to fix the problem.

Arguments continue and you either get divorced, you quit playing golf completely, or you meet your significant other halfway.

Golf doesn’t need to be the reason for any type of arguing, so talk to your other half about things and things will be amazing.

Look, now, my wife has her set of clubs, my kids have theirs, and we all love and enjoy the game.

5. Life Happens


As humans, we have a lot going on.

Whether it be at the house, at work, at school, or even during our leisure time, we are beyond busy.

This type of busyness is not cool, especially when it has you quitting something golf.

Golf is supposed to be one of the most relaxing things in your life, so don’t make life take over everything.

You have to remember that we all have an overwhelming amount of things going on in our lives.

Work, school, stress with keeping up with bills, and the million and one other things that keep us busy.

Take a step back and see that things aren’t and don’t have to be as complicated as we make them.

And, you definitely don’t need to quit playing golf for this very reason.

How to Save Yourself From Quitting

Although people quit playing golf for different reasons, it doesn’t always have to be that way.

As I just mentioned, we all live busy lives and it’s not something we can easily avoid unless we take the time to evaluate how we’re living.

If you are thinking about quitting golf, remember that there is always help.

Whether it be coaching, advice on saving on golf gear, or managing the amount of time you play.

There is always a solution to things and there’s no reason why anyone should quit the best game on the planet.

Join a Golf Group

If there’s one thing that can help with your overall golf hobby, it will be joining a golf group.

Not the kind of group that you join on weekends that consist of over 50 members, but something as simple as a golf chat or golf group on social media.

There are always people who want to talk about golf, give golf lessons, or sell their gear for a beyond affordable price.

One group that keeps me entertained is Golf Jokes and Stories.

It’s a bunch of nonsense, but it keeps me entertained and in the know.

Get Golf Lessons

If you’re thinking about quitting golf because your game sucks, that’s not a good enough reason.

Everyone can improve their game, regardless of how bad they’re doing.

The problem with most is that they are simply doing something wrong.

They think it’s just them, and of course, they quit playing golf completely.

Please don’t do that.

Everyone has their way of playing golf and you can adjust things in a way that fits perfectly for you.

Don’t Make Any Unnecessary Spending

Golf is no doubt going to cost you money.

Whether it be starting out, paying to play, or getting golf balls, you will always have to make some kind of investment.

However, if you keep all the unnecessary spending out of things, you can save hundreds of dollars, each and every month.

You don’t need a new set of clubs every year and you definitely don’t need to buy brand new ProV 1 Titleist golf balls.

Collect balls when you’re searching for your ball out of bounds and be conservative with your spending until you find yourself playing better.


Golf has its ups and downs and we all know that.

And, for 99.9% of us, it’s a lot of downs.

Golf is not an easy sport and it’s not cheap, but it’s definitely fun and keeps you busy forever.

If you’re thinking about quitting the wonderful game of golf, I hope this post helps you consider otherwise.

If you are on the fence about quitting, please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below as I’m sure you will find them interesting.

Until next time, keep your head up, take a break if need be, but definitely don’t quit.

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Dad, human, and super addicted golfer. John is our gear specialist, who can spend hours looking at new golf equipment.

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  1. The courses are too hard too much water and sand fair ways are to narrow.a good shot is one that gets in the air I don’t need things in the way.its the difference in breaking 100 or not. Make the courses easier .frustrated.

    • I feel you Kevin but that’s what makes the game so amazing. On top of being challenging, it’s you against yourself. I hope your game is improving though and I hope you’re finding enjoyment rather than thinking about quitting. Do you watch any Youtube videos or are you taking any lessons?


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